This is a crucial step as a proper attachment will ensure a good, continuous vital reading. 


  1. Any hair on the chest should be removed before use.
  2. Clean the skin over which the chest-monitor will be placed with an alcohol swab and wait until the skin is dry.
  3. Remove the white paper cover from the back of the adhesive unit.

Device Attachment

  1. Remove the white paper from the back device.
  2. The chest-monitor should be located one finger’s width to the left of the sternum, where the top petal is placed just below the clavicle with the blue line pointed upwards.
  3. Press the monitor to the chest, followed by patting down each of the petals. 


Remember, the Biobeat chest monitor is not waterproof. The chest monitor is designed for a single-use. Once the monitoring period is done, the device should be disposed of.